Theatre Training

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

The B.A. degree in theatre studies offers a traditional liberal arts program with a major emphasis in theatre. Students pursuing the BA. might pursue careers in secondary education; go on to graduate study in performance, design, management, or scholarship; or use their skills in a wide variety of allied fields.

The mission of the BA in Theatre Studies is to give students an opportunity for study in all aspects of theatre and its relationship to other liberal arts studies. This program serves students who seek a wider range of possibilities to fulfill individual creative goals, whether as theatre artists, scholars, educators, and/or contributors in related fields. Students receive thorough grounding in theatre history and theory and learn imaginative and critical thinking, the process of making theatre, and leadership skills. The program prepares students to apply their knowledge and learned skills to career choices in the 21st century and in the process enrich their own lives in their chosen communities.

Students in this program complete a core group of theatre courses and a concentration in one of four areas: performance, production, theatre management or theatre and society. Electives must be chosen from outside the major or the student may elect to choose a minor.

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Theatre Studies Concentration in Performance

Theatre Studies Concentration in Production

Theatre Studies Concentration in Theatre Management

Theatre Studies Concentration in Theatre and Society


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