Theatre Training

Master of Fine Arts in Acting for the
Returning Professional

The objective of the M.F.A. in Acting for the Returning Professional is to prepare those with substantial professional experience in acting for other careers within the profession and to enrich and expand their understanding of theatre. Admission to the program requires an audition and interview. In addition to the university application, candidates should provide supporting material which give a sense of their work. Resume, CV, reviews, interviews, award, etc.

The M.F.A Acting for the returning professional requires a minimum of 60 credit hours, and offers opportunities to document life experience through professional work for up to 15 hours of graduate credit within the plan of study. Research, scholarship, and creative activity may all be used as a basis for the written documentation necessary to evaluate the work. By offering Returning Professionals the opportunity to actively organize, design, and conduct research, the documentation of such may also serve as part of the M.F.A. comprehensive project.

Students enrolled in Mentorships receive credit for performing in a mainstage production, with an emphasis on teaching other students by example, vis à vis professional comportment and the demonstration of the processes the mentor uses in preparing and performing a role. Students may also complete teaching practicums in order to refine their skills in teaching and develop a teaching philosophy and portfolio.

Students in the Returning Professionals track will prepare a Master of Fine Arts Culminating Project appropriate to their experience and interests.

Admission to the Returning Professional track in Acting requires documentation of substantial professional experience in the candidate’s area of expertise. Evidence to support admission may include, but is not limited to: film credits, Broadway, major regional, and /or international performance credits, awards of national recognition, professional union affiliation, publication in field of expertise, and a significant record of mentoring.

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