Recent Guest Artists

Recent Theatre and Dance Residencies and Master Classes:

February, 2014 Master Class by Everett Quinten
January, 2014 Residency by Joseph Hanreddy, Director
January, 2014 Residency by Christopher Morgan
December, 2013 Master Class by members of the Limon Dance Company
October, 2013 Residency by Karen Stokes, Choreographer
February, 2013 Residency by Michael Ruppert, Director
April 15, 2012

A Tale of a Tiger, by Dario Fo

Adapted, directed and performed by Ami Dayan

January 2012 John Moauro, 2007
Hair (Tribe) on Broadway, London's West End and Dance Captain for first national tour. A 2007 graduate of the musical theatre program at Kent State, John recently visited the campus. He discusses his memories of Kent State and what it was like to be a part of the Tony-winning Broadway production of 'Hair.' See the Video.
October 2010 Master Class by Michael Ruppert, Tony Award Winning Actor
October 2010 Master Class by Alice Ripley, Tony Award Winning Actress
October 2010 Master Class by Michael Casara, Casting Director
October 2010 Residency by Melanie George
October 2009 Residency by John Cameron, Director
April 2010 Master Class by Claire Porter
February 2010

Residency by Peter Kyle of Peter Kyle Dance

August 2009

KDE Choreographic Residency by Darwin Prioleau

February 2008

Amy Michelle Allen, Cast of “Wicked”

January 2008

Residency by Gina Kohler (KDE)—Freelance Artist, NYC

January 2008

Master Classes and KDE Residency by Tommy Parlon—Tommy Parlon Dance Projects

September 2007

Choreographic Residency by members of Jump Rhythm Jazz, Chicago. Billy Siegenfeld, Artistic Director



Additional Theatre and Dance Residencies and Master Classes:

Vincent Dowling, Director
Michelle Bisbee, Properties Artisan, Cirque de Soleil
Jill Davis, Scenic Charge for the Cleveland Playhouse
Sandy Robbins, Director
Kent Gash, Director & Associate Artistic Director, the Alliance Theatre
Terry Martin, Scenic Artist
Sue Ott Rowlins, Director
Steve Shelley, Lighting Designer and author
Mark Shanda, Technical Director and Theatre Consultant
Stephen Schwarz, Broadway composer
Jeff Saver, Broadway Music Director
Eric Woodall, Associate Casting Director w/ Tara Rubin Casting
Jane Alderman, Chicago Casting director
Ping Chong and Company
Victoria Bussert, Director
Matthew Earnest, Director and Founder, deep elum ensemble